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1. Rimrock Overlook: Get  a spectacular view from this favorite spot in the Allegheny National  Forest. Just a short hike from the road. (take Rt. 321N near MM 125).

2. Kinzua Bridge State Park: Enjoy  the view from the Kinzua Sky Walk, opening in 2011, which allows  visitors to walk 560 feet and look through glass panels to see a  221-foot vertical drop into the Kinzua Gorge. (Near MM 136)

3. PA Grand Canyon: Look  down on Pine Creek and up at the eagle‚Äôs nest. Make sure to visit both  the Leonard Harrison State Park (near MM 221 ) and Colton Point State  Park (near MM 211) to get two different views of the gorge.

4. Troy and Waymart: Marvel at the windmills rising above our mountains in these two towns.  Wind energy is just another natural resource being harnessed along the  Corridor. (Look for the turbines by MM 239-261 and at MM 348.)

5. Wyalusing Rocks: Imagine yourself floating down the mighty Susquehanna River or working  in the farm fields below as you stand on this overlook (near MM 287).

6. Tunkhannock Viaduct: Gain  a new appreciation for engineering feats as you gaze at the 12 majestic  spans of this railroad bridge in the sky. (Near MM 320)