Suggested Itineraries

There are plenty of things to do and see as your travel across US Route 6 in Pennsylvania. Create your own roadtrip. Plan to spend 6 to 14 days discovering the complete route or break it up into extended weekend trips through one region. Here are some suggestions:

Fall Foliage:

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Complete 6

  •  6 Day road trip: this 6 days trip from west to east, follows our  mile marker system and just highlights the main attractions along the  highway.
    Read More: Do 6 in 6 Days (Download File)
  • 14 Day road trip: this 2-week trip from east to west offers ideas  on how many nights to spend in each town so that you have enough time to  enjoy all the attractions.
    Read More: Do 6 in 14 Days (Download File)

Weekend Getaways

Motorcycle Loop Itineraries

Take the High Road