Allegheny National Forest - Longhouse National Scenic Byway

PA Wilds/McKean/Outdoor/Sightseeing/Scenic Overlooks

PO Box 371
Bradford, PA 16701

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Kane Manor

PA Wilds/McKean/Heritage & History/Historic Places

230 Clay St.
Kane, PA 16735
Phone: 814-837-6522

Art in the Wilds

Artisan Trail/Artisan Trail-Arts Organization
PA Wilds/McKean/Attraction

Evergreen Park
Kane, PA 16735
Phone: 814-837-7167

Join us for the 11th annual outdoor juried fine arts show.  Free admission, forty artists, student art exhibition and food vendors.  Artist applications due March 1st.

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Samila Sosic, Master of Fine Arts

PA Wilds/McKean/Culture & Entertainment

Bradford, PA 16701
Phone: 814-362-9103

Roma Gardens

PA Wilds/McKean/Dining/Italian

1 Greeves St.
Kane, PA 16735
Phone: 814-837-7994