Explore this section of our site to find everything that you need to making planning your PA Route 6 trip a breeze.

From here, you can order a copy or download one or both of our guides:

-   The Activity Guide & Map features suggested places to visit as well as a map of the 400+ mile highway.

-   The Artisan Brochure features stops along the highway that highlight the talents and works of our Route 6 artisans and crafters.

Under Transportation Services, you will find contact number for various car rents, motorcoach/ tour services, airports and other connectors needed to make this a smooth trip for you.

The DO 6 section highlights some the “don’t miss” experiences across the Route in the areas of Historical and Heritage sites, Outdoor Recreational Activities and Scenic Vistas and Overlooks. Be sure to add those that interest you to your itinerary.

Make sure to review the Suggested Itineraries based on the 6 themes of PA Route 6. Again you will find sites and experiences that can be seen on the I-map and placed into your personalized itinerary.

If you are planning a group tour, we suggest you also check out the information under Travel Trade.