August 2016

Celebrate the National Park’s Centennial with Six Sites on 6

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service this August by taking a trip across US Route 6 in Pennsylvania, a designated National Recreational Trail.

The National Park Service has been inviting travelers to “find your park” in celebration of the centennial for the National Park Service in 2016. Their goal is to create a “movement to spread the word about the amazing places managed by the NPS, the inspirational stories that the national parks tell, our country's natural resources, and our diverse cultural heritage.”

According to the NPS website, “Find Your Park is about more than just national parks! It's about the National Park Service working in your community through education programs, community assistance projects, and more. It's about state parks, local parks, trails, museums, historic sites, and the many ways that the American public can connect with history and culture, enjoy nature, and make new discoveries.”

Along the PA Route 6 Heritage Corridor, travelers can “do 6” sites or areas that celebrate the goals and work of the NPS. Make sure to visit everyone of them. From west to east they are:

1.) The Oil Heritage Region is a national and state designated heritage area, celebrating the discovery of oil in northwestern PA with historical and recreational sites throughout Venango and Crawford Counties. Visit the Drake Well Museum, take a ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad or explore Titusville, nicknamed “the Queen City.”

2.) North Country Trail runs from New York to North Dakota and intersects Route 6 in the Allegheny National Forest between Ludlow and Kane. The trail links scenic, natural, historic, and cultural areas across seven states allowing visitors to experience a variety of northern landscapes.

3.) Steamtown National Park Site is a tribute to the steam locomotive and the people who worked on them located in Scranton. Learn the history of this mode of transportation, explore the roundhouse and maybe take a train ride.

4.) Lackawanna Valley Heritage Area is a national and state designated heritage area, celebrating the raw materials and industries from northeastern Pennsylvania that helped fuel the growth of America. Take a ride down into a coal mine, hike the Lackawanna Heritage Trail,  or  experience an ethnic smorgasbord of the area’s many immigrants.

5.) Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational Riveroffers lots of water based recreation on the last major undammed river in the eastern United States. Joseph Brandt, John Roebling, and Zane Grey have all left a mark on this area, visit the sites that honor these man.

6.)Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Areacovers 40 miles of the Middle Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River. The northern part of the area is accessible from Milford and includes hiking and biking trails, waterfalls and spectacular views.

For more information on the National Parks 100th Anniversary, go to For more information other parks and public lands across PA Route 6, go to

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