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The PA Route 6 Artisan Trail is a membership driven program.
For the purposes of getting the right information from you so that we can best promote your work, this year we are distinguishing between individual artisans and sites which may host multiple artisans.

Choose how you see yourself - are you primarily an Individual Artisan or a Site which deals with multiple artisans?

Individual Artisans & Makers work in a variety of forms & flavors:

  • Painting, Printmaking, letterpress
  • Pottery, Sculpture, Woodworking
  • Wines, Distilled & Brewed beverages, Herbal products
  • Glassworking, Photography, Jewelry
  • others?

Sites also offer a variety of forms & flavors.  (We ask that your site or organization represents at least 25% local artisans and artists.)

  • Galleries, Shops, Retail gifts
  • Arts Organizations
  • Printers, Frame shops
  • Museums (with shops representing local artisans), Theaters
  • Festivals, Fairs & Events based venues
  • Public Art, Murals

Choose your membership form to sign on with the Artisan Trail:

Individual Membership Form   

Site Membership Form