Pymatuning State Park


Pymatuning is one of the largest state parks in the  Commonwealth. Pymatuning Lake is especially lovely in late spring  evenings when the sunset gilds the water and colorful sailboats appear  to slide across a lake of gold.Non-powered boats and boats to 10 horsepower are permitted. There are  three Pennsylvania boat marinas where floatboats, motorboats, rowboats,  canoes and motors can be rented.With 657 campsites in three areas, Pymatuning is one of the largest  camping areas in the Commonwealth. 25 modern rental cabins are available  for year-round use. Anywhere along the lake, there are beautiful  vistas.Unique sights include the dam and the Linesville "Spillway." The  "Spillway" is perhaps one of the best known locations because "the ducks  walk on the fishes' backs" to compete for food fed by the visitors.  Four bathing beaches are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. In  addition, a beach for campers is located in the Jamestown Camping Area.  Three of the beaches have bathhouses with sanitary facilities.In the winter there is ice fishing, ice-skating, sledding,  iceboating, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. In addition,  Pymatuning hosts the annual Winter Fun Days.Retreat to nature in Pymatuning State Park!

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