Nimble Hill Vineyard & Winery


National/International award-winning wines. Family-run winery; tasting room in Tunkhannock.


Nimble Hill opened in 2007 with a production of more than three thousand  gallons of wine. We believe that winemaking begins in the vineyard. We  take what nature has given us and turn it into the best possible product  we can make. Winemaker Kevin Durland takes a minimalist approach to  winemaking, letting the grapes and fermentation process take the wine  where it wants to go. A cornerstone belief of ours is that winemaking is  not a recipe but rather a series of decisions that involve analysis of  the juice, must, and wine at every stage of its development.

Our  wines include a variety aimed at pleasing the different tastes of our  customers. We make an array of both white and red wines, at all  sweetness levels from dry to sweet. The grapes for our wines are sourced  from different areas of Pennsylvania including Mehoopany, Tunkhannock,  Dushore, and West Chester. We also source some grapes from the North  Fork of Long Island.

The Winery is owned by Gary and Ellie Toczko  and is the definition of a "family" winery. The Toczko’s have four  children, daughter Mya, and triplets, Maggie, Haley (daughters), and  Jacob (son). The family also includes Jillian, a golden retriever that  likes to eat grape skins and help in the vineyard. Gary and Ellie opened  the winery to have a business where they can work with and alongside  their family, whether it be tending vines, crushing grapes, making wine,  or minding the tasting room in Tunkhannock.

Please stop by our Tunkhannock tasting room to try our wines.

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